My name is Crista Jaeckel and I’m a sewer and fabric printer living in Boston, Massachusetts with my husband and our two children.

My interests in design and sewing were sparked when I was a child growing up in South Africa. My father, a librarian, loved to share art books with my sisters and me, and my mother, taught us to sew. While pursuing a degree in costume design, I learned about textile design and how to block-print on fabric.

After moving to the US, I spent several years designing hats and scarves, sewing, and teaching. A few years ago, I returned to textile design when I taught a block-printing on fabric class. From there I was inspired to start my own line of zippered bags sewn from my printed fabrics. 

Sometimes my print designs come from an initial sketch that I work and rework, while other times designs emerge from experimenting with blocks and ink. When I do create a sketch, I carve out the design on a rubber block, apply the ink, and then print the fabric that will turn into the bag. I gravitate toward simple, bold prints reminiscent of the geometric designs often found in traditional African textiles. I’m also one for a touch of whimsy. I love experimenting with color—finding just the right shade  of ink and putting unexpected colors together on the same fabric. For me, the fun part of block-printing is adding pops of color, turning my blocks to create another print, and deciding when to stop, which is to say deciding when a fabric has just the right amount of prints.

I love to create, including cooking, and will try almost any craft once, but I’m happiest playing with color, printing, painting, or sewing. At the end of the day you can often find me unwinding with a glass of wine at my side, a BBC costume drama on the television in front of me, and a crocheting project in my hands.